Duet 4 Seasons

The Duet 4 Seasons see-through fireplace is perfectly attuned to modern tastes for versatile heating in both interior and exterior living spaces. By installing the fireplace so that one side heats an interior room while the other faces onto an outdoor area, a sense of harmony will be introduced to any home, along with the flow of comforting warmth. Enjoy the romance of a wood burning fire on each side, all-year round – the very epitome of luxurious home heating.

The only double-sided wood burning fireplace that meets the EPA’s most exacting emission standards, the Duet confirms Supreme’s position as the industry leader of ‘clean burn’ technology. It is the perfect choice for environmentally-aware consumers seeking an efficient two-sided fireplace that doubles as a striking visual feature.

The generous combustion chamber fits large logs of 24 inches which can be loaded in through either door. And the ability to open the fireplace up on both sides is a particularly appealing feature when utilising the innovative drop-down grill to prepare and serve flavorsome barbecued meals. Thanks to several patented technologies, the fireplace produces consistent, long-lasting fires and is one of the most user-friendly to operate on the market. A dual air-wash system ensures the glass doors stay clean even while the fire is operating on a low-burn setting while the unique baffle design prevents smoke escaping when either door is opened.

The Duet 4 Seasons sets the stage for flexible living and sumptuous comfort in any home.



Heat Capacity: 2,000 square feet
Maximum Heat Output: 100,000 BTUs/hour (based on a 33 lb load of wood)
EPA Firebox Size: 3.1 cubic feet
Chimney: 6 inch listed to UL 103/ULC S629 standards
Certifications: EPA 28 & 5G option 3, CSA B-415.1.10,
UL 127-2011 and ULC S610-M87
Emissions: 3.6 g/h with EPA method 28 & 5G
2.2 g/h with CSA method B-415.1.10
Glass Dimensions: 22¾”x 15”
Patent Numbers: 9/605,851, 7/325,547 & 9/476,593