There are 2 parts to

There are 2 parts to this review. 1. Buying . . . We live in a log home that had a pre-fab fireplace built in. We wanted to put in a wood burning insert. I got prices from Greenville and Asheville and then decided to get one more estimate, so I contacted Glenco. They gave me an estimate, but then informed me they wouldn’t install it. Why not? Because my pre-fab fireplace was not rated for an insert, and even though it would probably be safe, if the house burnt down, the insurance company wouldn’t pay. I was told I needed to have the pre-fab removed including the rock facing on the fireplace, and a zero tolerance wood burning stove put in the space and the rock put back on with some additional rock added because of the smaller opening. The price? Even with all the extra labor and the additional rock and a nicer stove, the price was several hundred dollars under the competition. You might chalk this up to a company working very hard to earn your business . . . and the work was beautifully done.

2. Customer Service . . . Great stove, but after about 12 to 18 months, one of the blowers (fans) went out, and I paid to have it replaced. This year, the other blower failed and that was followed by the replaced blower failing as well. The culprit, a faulty switch in the stove not feeding enough power to the blowers. The solution . . . a new switch and 2 new blowers (expensive). Of course, the stove was out of warranty, so you know exactly what the manufacture was going to do . . . nothing. But Brad at Glenco called me and said they would stand behind the product they sell and they would replace the switch and both blowers and their expense. Talk about customer service. I rated them 5 star only because they don’t have a place for a 10!

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